NC-09: Bathroom Bill Author Compares Overturning Roe v. Wade To Dred Scott Decision




More than half the states in America have passed or considered new laws on abortion this year, most restricting it but some moving to protect abortion rights.

Not surprisingly, abortion has become a flashpoint in the 9th District Congressional race between Republican Dan Bishop and Democrat Dan McCready. The election is Sept. 10.

An online ad for Bishop suggests McCready is “fighting to legalize late-term abortion, even infanticide.” McCready calls that a red herring.

With abortion in the news — and Planned Parenthood scheduled to open a new Charlotte clinic in June — here’s where the candidates stand on the divisive issue.

 Roe v Wade. McCready supports the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that legalizes abortion. Bishop does not.

“I would think that in future years Roe v. Wade will be seen as similar to the Dred Scott decision,” Bishop told the Observer, referring to the long-discredited 1857 decision that African Americans could not be citizens.

Emphasis Mine.

Yeah, no wonder this guy is making this race super competitive. Even the GOP’s polling gives Bishop just a 46-42 lead. Let’s help McCready pull this off. Click here to donate and get involved with McCready’s campaign.