You know, that’s a good point. Still, the Trump regime is kind of like the mafia … if everyone in the mafia were Fredo.

But, you know, the mafia has lasted as long as it has because it tries to cover its tracks. The Trump Family? Not so much. 

Speaking about the Trump scandal du jour — i.e., DJT’s crass and clumsy attempt to prop up his Scottish resort with U.S. military expenditures — NBC and MSNBC political analyst Karine Jean-Pierre recently told Deadline White House host Nicolle Wallace that it’s really not fair to compare the Trump administration to the mob because, well, the mob isn’t nearly this brazen.

JEAN-PIERRE: “Can I just first say, Nicolle, that I don’t even think it’s even fair to compare Donald Trump to the mob because at least the mob tries to cover up their lawbreaking ways. They put an effort into doing it, and Donald Trump just does it blatantly every day, and he doesn’t care. And he’s out there corrupting institutions that we thought were immune, like the DOJ and the DoD. I mean, this is what he does day in and day out. And we have an administration that is corrupt to the core. I mean, corrupt to the core. There is no bottom here. And I think one of the questions that I have, Nicolle, is, when is the other shoe going to drop? Because it can’t just be Turnberry, right? There has to be other Trump properties that are involved in this. And also, what other agencies that have been kind of pulled into this corruption as well?”

Jean-Pierre also said Democrats need to continue trying to hold Trump accountable, but also need to open up impeachment inquiries and be more forceful about combating Trump’s lawlessness.

Then again, when half the cops in town are on the take, it’s kind of hard to take a mob boss down.

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