NBC/Marist poll shows Dems have a clear path to retaking the Senate

It’s still an uphill climb, but with the pr*sident of the United States’ brain gradually turning into a sponge cake, the path to a Democratic-controlled Senate is apparently becoming clearer.

That’s the conclusion to be drawn from a fresh trio of NBC/Marist polls:

With the GOP controlling the Senate by a slim 51-to-49 margin — after the Dems’ surprising win in Alabama late last year — Democrats must gain a net of two Senate seats to take back the chamber (since Vice President Mike Pence can break a 50-50 tie). And their path to gaining those two Senate seats is: 1) by winning the GOP-held seats of Arizona and Nevada and holding on to ALL of their vulnerable seats in Florida, Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota and West Virginia, or 2) by winning Arizona, Nevada AND Tennessee, and losing just one of their vulnerable states. (FYI: If Democrats somehow win Texas, they’re definitely winning the Senate.)

So what do our NBC/Marist polls show? Well, Democrats lead in Indiana and Tennessee (although within the margin of error), while it’s tied in Missouri.


Needless to say, this would be huge. For one thing, the Dems could cite the phony “Biden rule,” as well as the brand-new “Your President Is Crazy as Fuck rule,” to derail any future Trump Supreme Court nominees. (It’s much too close to the election to confirm anyone, plus how do we know Trump won’t choose a dangerously unqualified partisan or a ‘70s McDonaldland character?)

We could stop Trump’s vicious agenda in its tracks. And hey, if by some miracle we can scuttle Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination before the midterms (exactly how much perjury would it take?), we could either leave that SCOTUS seat open or force Trump to nominate someone acceptable like, say, Merrick Garland.

One can dream, right?

And dreams can come true.






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