MSNBC Host Nicolle Wallace did not allow a professional sycophant, a doctor, who attempted to give the president a pass on using UV rays inside the body to cure COVID-19.

MSNBC Host corrects Trump sycophant in real-time

Watch the full episode here.

One of the reasons that Donald Trump and his Republican cabal have been successful in the past is not only because he bullies reporters but because his sycophants have also bullied TV hosts or spoken in a manner where TV hosts give them a pass.

As was mentioned in several recent posts, some who normally let these pathogenic characters off the hook, are standing up. We are usually critical of Meet The Press’ Chuck Todd. But when Todd interrupted the Mississippi governor recently as that governor slipped and admitted that corporations would write the laws opening up his state, it was clear the dereliction of duty was somewhat attenuated.

While these may seem like simple things, the sum total of not correcting sycophants as they define false narratives lead to a confused population. That ultimately results in voting outside one’s interests.

Kudos to Nicolle for getting in there right away. She kind of knocked his guard down as it is clear he thought he could just insert the phrase unchallenged.

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