Nancy Pelosi laid it out. Trump is a taker who wants to be adored by the military and the nation. But wants to pay nothing towards them.

Nancy Pelosi laid it out.

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Trump loves calling people losers. It seems he will be the biggest loser of them all. After all, he is in crippling debt, and he will lose the 2020 election in a landslide.

While Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is giving the impression that she is cautiously optimistic, her actions and disposition are that of a big winner. The country needs “the impending” big win.

I know many get concerned about counting our chicks before they hatch. But at this time, I can see the beak busting through the shell. Success has not yet come to fruition, but it is almost unstoppable except for a catastrophe.

Speaker Pelosi pointed out much of interest in her interview with Andrea Mitchell. But she honed in on the conflict of interest with all the judges he has placed on the bench. He is likely expecting favorable rulings.

Nancy Pelosi also pointed out that Trump was in a hurry to get the General Counsel of the IRS even before Attorney General Bill Barr. But Pelosi had a zinger in there.

“This is a president who wants parades of military armament and the military paying homage to him in front of the White House,” Pelosi said. “Like he is some kind of dictator. And yet, is he paying for any of that? The protection of our country? $750.”

Pelosi was not done.

“It's a disdain for America's working families,” Pelosi continued. “It's not right. Our responsibility is to protect and defend. And we have to make sure we know what exposure the president of the United States has and what impact it has on national security decisions for our country.

This time Trump is really in trouble.

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