Nancy Pelosi: 'The Oval Office is an evidence-free zone'

What calumny!

The Oval Office is full of lots of evidence … of felonies and last night’s stress-induced KFC gravy ‘n fried-chicken-skin binge.

As for useful evidence meant to move our country forward? Yeah, Nancy Pelosi is spot-on.

Today, a reporter asked Pelosi about this recent Trump tweet:


Oh, did the laughs come fast and furious:

“It doesn’t make any sense. Basically what he’s saying is any benefit our economy might have from a … revised trade agreement with Mexico or Canada would be spent on the wall instead of growing our economy and increasing paychecks for our workers. The American people are still paying the price; Mexico is not paying for this wall. But maybe he doesn’t understand how a trade agreement works for him to say such a thing.” 

Yeah, it’s a good bet he doesn’t understand how a trade agreement works, just as it’s a good bet he doesn’t understand how a bill becomes a law or how to program the clock on his microwave.

‘Cause he doesn’t understand bupkis. 

“I mean, really? Really? First of all, he doesn’t even have the trade agreement. Let’s see the enforcement in the agreement for environment, for workers’ rights, for some of the pharmaceutical issues and other health-related provisions. … Let’s see the enforcement there. I’m open to a revised, as I said, trade agreement, formerly known as NAFTA, but we’re not there yet, and for the president to say Mexico is paying for this because we’ve revised NAFTA, that money will be used to pay for the wall, is an opportunity cost for our country. If it were so, but it isn’t even so.

“So I think the Oval Office is an evidence-free zone. You’ve got to have facts, data, evidence, truth in order to make an agreement on how you go forward, and that’s just another example of what we had as a problem, wanting to discuss in public some of the representations the president was making which just simply weren’t true.”

Here’s the entire clip, in case you want to see what a total lack of respect for another human being’s, quote-unquote, intellect looks like:


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