Nancy Pelosi appeared on Andrea Mitchell Report and made sure not to be hoodwinked by Trump's message of the day and instead made the point she wanted to make. She illustrates how Democrats can prevent Trump's smoke & mirrors and deflections from working.

Nancy Pelosi shows how Democrats must steer their message not Trump’s

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Nancy Pelosi took it to Andrea Mitchell in a very dignified manner as she did four very important things all Democrats must do going forward.

  • Pelosi clearly exposed the president’s incompetence and dereliction of duty. She made it clear that all must understand that all his daily shenanigans are nothing but stunts and as such should be given no credence.
  • Pelosi made it clear that both Facebook and Twitter are conduits for Trump’s misinformation and lies and no little move by Twitter will mitigate that reality. She rightfully points out that for these social media companies, money supersedes what is right.
  • Pelosi then scolds the mainstream media for allowing Trump’s smoke and mirrors and other misdirections to become the message of the day.
  • Lastly, she points out all the bills and laws that she along with Democrats are working on to ensure that when the country is opened wider when people go back to work, there are safety measures and protocols to keep everyone safe.

I hope every Democrat facing the camera or is on the radio takes command as Nancy Pelosi did in this interview.  I hope she is grooming progressive youngsters. This woman is talented and politically apt and savvy. While I wish she would be more fearless in pushing more progressive tenets, I understand that she simply has a hell of a lot of sheep to herd.

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