Nancy Pelosi still lives rent-free in Trump's noggin as he just keeps on lying

More reports of Trump’s continuing barrage of disinformation and outright lies to bring in the New Year.

  • Trump has said twice this month that he’d taken troops out of northeast Syria because the US shouldn’t be policing a border they’ve been fighting over for 2,000 years. The Turkey-Syria border is less than 100 years old.
  • Trump tweeted early this month that “NATO spending” had declined by two-thirds in the three decades before his presidency. I got two experts to delve into the data. They said this isn’t close to true no matter how you slice it.
  • Trump mocked CNN for supposedly using deceptive camera angles and exaggerating language to embellish the size of Arab protests after he announced he’d move the embassy to Jerusalem.
    • did an in-depth review of CNN’s coverage and found nothing of the sort.
  • Trump insisted that Adam Schiff would be jailed for his committee rendition of Trump’s Zelensky call if he hadn’t made it in Congress. Aside from everything else, there is not even a criminal defamation law in DC, California or under federal law.
  • Trump said he got NATO members to spend $530 billion more per year. Aside from the question of credit, it’s 1) a *total,* not annual, increase between 2017 and 2024 2) of $400 billion, not $530 billion.
  • Mocking people concerned about climate, Trump said, “The ocean’s going to rise. One eighth of an inch within the next 250 years. We’re going to be wiped out!”
    • The IPCC estimates at least a 1-foot increase over ‘86-‘05 levels within 80 years – higher if emissions are higher.
  • Boasting of the 266,000 jobs added in November, Trump said “they” had been expecting just 50,000, 60,000, 70,000. Such a “they” might exist somewhere, but the minimum estimate from economists surveyed by Reuters was 120,000. The median was 180,000.
  • Trump said of the economy, “We’re much larger than China now, because we’ve gone up and they’ve gone down.”
    • The US was larger than China before — and China is still growing faster than the US even with its slowest growth in years.
  • Trump said twice that Eddie Rispone only lost the LA gov race by less than 1 point. He lost by 2.7.
    • Trump said that aside from that one and the Bevin one, “I’ve won virtually every race that I’ve participated in.” He lost with Strange, Moore, Morrisey, Saccone, Rosendale…
  • Trump said that prior to his new deals with Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, these countries wouldn’t accept back criminals the US wanted to deport.
    • They would; they’ve never been considered “recalcitrant.” The new deals are not even about this deporting-criminals issue.
  • Anyway: these are just some of the new false claims from the past new weeks, which are in addition to the dozens of repeat false claims, many of which are egregious. The breadth is always impressive.
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