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Nancy Pelosi no longer represents the democratic party. Should she be speaker?

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So Trump is trying to turn the Ukraine story on Joe Biden. I am sorry but this should have been obvious to anybody with half a brain. I was actually thinking about writing a diary yesterday saying this is what we should expect. I guess I was too late. As a matter of fact I was worrying (still worried) that this was a ratf*ck to get Biden’s son Hunter in to the news. Trump immediately went on offense, went extreme (he will get worse) and will not stop. One thing Trump does is stay on message. What did the leading democrat in the nation do. Nancy Pelosi said what Trump did was “urgent” but listen guys there is nothing we can do about it. Pelosi needed to beat Trump to the punch, go all in, and use the one word that can dominate the headlines — impeachment. I mean whether the House was going to do it or not, she needed to dominate the discussion. She left it to Elizabeth Warren who right now is a leading candidate, but just another candidate. After serving Nadler up as an appetizer on Thursday she is throwing Biden to the wolves by not using the best weapon in the arsenal (really though, does she use any weapon). I actually feel bad for Joe Biden, and he is like my 126th choice. He deserves better than this from the leader of his party.

Pelosi would not be taking much of a chance. The great majority of democrats want impeachment. They would cheer this. There would be dancing in the streets of California. Pelosi refuses to represent the will of the people (it is the House of Representatives) and she refuses to protect democrats (once again).  I am beginning to wonder at the reason why and I think this question should be front and center. She does not want impeachment, she thinks it is bad, that is her opinion. Let her return to the House then and try and convince others But we need a leader in the House willing to protect and fight for democrats, now more than ever.

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