Nada, Nothing for America till Dems quit investigating. Soooo. Impeach..him ! He hates America.


I did not know quite how to word the headline.   I did not know whether to say, FU non Trump loyalists who live here in America or Forget policies or just Impeach his butt.  He is obstucting, bullying and not honoring his oath of office so one branch of the government must honor their’s.

He set the dems up and then blew up the meeting.  We don’t need this.  He threw a temper tamper in the Rose Garden and when Pelosi came out and said, “He is in a cover up, excuse me Speaker Pelosi, but if you believe that and conveyed that, then start impeachment…. Full Stop !

This diary is up for review of what happened.…

This is outrageous and childish and we are heading toward Banana Republic territory.   I would skip lunch and start impeachment inquiry papers immediately if I was the Speaker of the House. 

He just told millions of Americans…Screw you.  We put those dems in office and I don’t know how you feel but I don’t like being told To hell with you.  When he spoke to them and stormed out, he was speaking to everyone who voted for a democratic congress.