My Pillow guy Mike Lindell is now vowing to take on Amazon

I never took any business classes, but I can only assume Rule 1 of successful business-ing is to avoid challenging three of the largest and most entrenched tech companies on the planet when you’re basically just a mustache Gorilla-Glued to a Hefty bag full of liposuction fat and delusions.

Ladies and germs, Mike Lindell, pillow magnate, is at it again.

Almost exactly one month ago, Lindell, who’s arguably been a bigger purveyor of Trump’s Big Lie than Trump himself, claimed he was going to start a new social media platform to take on YouTube and Twitter. And now—hey, why not?—he’s determined to bury Amazon. He won’t rest until all these deep-state operators are put out of business, and neither will anyone who buys his pillows (which, by the way, you can still order on Amazon; let’s see for how long, eh?).

  • April 12, 2021