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My take on Jill Biden trying to scare Democrats to vote for Joe Biden

In what is the height of privilege and manipulation, Jill Biden tells a crowd in Manchester New Hampshire that whether they like their candidate or not, they must vote for Joe Biden as the only one who can beat Trump.

Jill thinks only Joe Biden can beat Trump

I am out in the field and I talk to many people. It is clear to me that while Joe Biden looks great in the polls at present. It is likely not longlasting.

When people ask how his policies will make their lives better, his offer is the status quo. It is no accident that Joe never won a primary before. How many more times will he be given the privilege to fail?

Anyone who wants to be objective must see what most see. Biden does not look like he is up for the job. He is not thinking as fast as he used to in the past. But more importantly, he just does not look very strong.

There are many other candidates running. It is the height of disrespect to anoint a candidate over any other.

Zerlina Maxwell's commentary on Jill's statement is prescient. She called Joe Biden a place holder. She pointed out that the voters Joe is targetting shows that both he and the party to some extent are missing the forest for the trees.

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