COVID Schools Teacher

My Son the Science Teacher–Back in Quarantine again

A young boy goes to the school nurse’s office, complaining of a sore throat.  The nurse gives him a cup of ice and sends him back to class.

My son is teaching science to a socially distanced class room, but the sick kid was often within 6 feet of him, coughing, and looking miserable.

The cheap instant thermometer showed no fever which was doubtful because the poor kid was shedding virus, and tested positive for Covid19.

Now the whole class is on quarantine, along with my son — again. 

This is the second time in two months he’s been exposed while teaching.  They haven’t even bothered to send him a Health Dept. order this time.  

When I hear talk about opening the schools, I hope any programs will help keep families at home so they don’t have to use school like day care if their kids are sick, and they have to either work or starve.

Subsidies for food delivery along with generous Stimulus payments would help a lot, as would subsidies for other types of in-home needs until the virus is defeated.