A listener to my show failed to see the gross insult in his statements as we discussed the 3/5-clause in the constitution. He said the clause gave people like me partial humanity.

A listener said 3/5-clause gave black people humanity?

Watch the entire show here.

The listener made several statements that show vile cancer that still permeates our country. Please read them below and please listen to the entire video.

The listener has been a constant in misrepresenting the 3/5-clause of the constitution whenever I have reason to mention it. He posted the following.

3/5th of a man…. just shoes his ignorance.

After I responded, he escalated. His following messages accused me of lying and implied that the founding fathers where the one’s who assigned black people’s humanity.

Sounds like you would rather be 0 man…
Well that may be in your case, you are slandering the good men who tried to give Blacks some humanity from those who would regard them as PROPERTY only.

Wow… such lies and hatred from Egberto…. I guess this works on people who buy into his lies.

There is hatred for men who tried to give people that look like you some semblance of humanity in an age that saw them as property.
That, brother, is disgusting

I could not let that stand and I went through a slight bit of American history with a perspective that is not generally taught as our leaders attempt to indoctrinate us.

In the same program, I interviewed Dr. Emma Long, a British historian who pointed out the dangers of putting a governing document on a pedestal.

The listener ended his dialogue with the following “civil and respectful” statement.

Your a POS Egberto…. super clear for some time.
Your mind is polluted

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