That very soon I will not have to think about the orange shit-stain.

Hopefully he will be relegated to books no one reads, just gathering dust alongside Ayn Rand’s worthless works.

If not for the republican and their media disinformation campaign for at least forty years he would have been just another ‘billionaire’ clown who wanted to rule the world.

If you don’t feed the beast eventually it will starve and be consigned to the “I don’t believe it, how could..” part of history.

I’ll be waiting for the next one to slither out of the cesspit, this time bearing a cross, wrapped in the flag [he did try but even the brain-dead could see it was an act] and pissing holy water.

I am still waiting for the Republicans to declare a Corporate Theocracy as a reality, not just wishful thinking.

I hope the death throes of this imbecilic episode cause only minor troubles, [unregulated] armed gangs [militias] have to be confronted seriously soon.

Hopefully he is clothed in orange soon enough, but I am not going to hold my breath and certainly will not be following any developments with any more than a fleeting curiosity.

Publicity is what he craves, turn the volume down if not mute entirely.


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