My discussion with my wife about the difficulty for many to vote for Biden. How much is really lost?

A few mornings ago my wife was concerned that even as I expressed my likelihood of voting for Biden if he wins the primary in the November election, that my tone may lead some listeners not to do so as well. Here is my answer to her. Please listen in its entirety before you judge and leave me civil and thoughtful responses.

Why is Biden not an easy vote?

A few days ago, I wrote the following that continues to hold true.

Jim Carville is right. Democrats' most important want is to get rid of Trump. The entire corporate mainstream media following the lead of the plutocracy preached day in and day out that Biden is the one to beat Trump.

The thing is, Trump is neither the genesis of the plight of the poor and the middle-class nor will his continuation make a very large change from the trajectory. If one wants to be honest, he made changes on the fringes from what corporations attained under Republicans and Democrats alike. It does not take much to extract from the many and give much to the few (tax cuts, bad regulations, corporate subsidies).

The question is why. The answer is simple. And Joe Biden said it to a bunch of his rich benefactors, nothing will change for them.

  • What will change for those extended obscene student loans that keep them owned by the banks throughout their middle-age?
  • What will change for those who must use all their disposable income and assets for healthcare where private companies continue pilfering? Most know given the exit polls that Medicare for All is their best option.
  • What will happen to the parents who want to work but cannot afford to do so because they cannot afford childcare?
  • What will happen to that kid who really wants to go to college but is priced out because their meager wages do not afford them the opportunity?

These policies are not free stuff. We all pay for it; some do so by paying it forward. When policies are caricatured it creates insincere debates.

It is not just about a Democratic win. It is a win that must substantively improve the lives of all.

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  • March 20, 2020