Why do we need Medicare for All? Let me tell you a personal story. Please listen to the entire video and share it.

Many people look at healthcare, Medicare for All and more in an abstract fashion. Empathy dictates seeing through the eyes of others and how their needs could be yours.

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My daughter, Ashley, received excellent medical care for her unexpected stroke last week. As a  3rd year medical student at the University’s hospital, she was able to navigate for services easier. The doctors, nurses, and staff were as exceptional as they could in a corrupt healthcare system. 

The fear is, of course, that the bill she is about to receive; she will not be able to afford. Here is a young lady who went into medicine saying,

“Dad, I want to be a doctor to help all those underprivileged people I see suffering,” my daughter once told me. “I won’t ever get rich being a doctor because to be rich as a doctor means you cannot care too much for people.”

When she becomes a doctor she will be hundreds of thousands in debt just for medical school. When the bill for her stroke is tabulated and added (she cannot ever pay that till after college) it would add substantially to that debt. Interestingly, given her goal of taking care of people over getting rich, a pay-it-forward education would provide a much bigger bang for the buck as she concentrated on healing patients instead of maximizing profits from patients to pay off her debts.

We need Medicare for All

But we have been so indoctrinated by a plutocracy who would prefer to pilfer all, we just are having a hard time getting to Medicare for All which would solve all of these problems including with other legislation, create a launchpad to bring in more doctors with both pay-it-forward college and student debt forgiveness.

So what can you do? Make sure to tell your lived experiences with our corrupt money extractive wealth transferring legalized thieving system truthfully. Most find that our healthcare industrial complex — health insurance, pharmaceutical, hospital corporations — find ever novel ways to take more of our hard-earned dollars. We must not allow this to stand.
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