In what is likely the best admonition of the Right, Jake Tapper presented a clinic on their intransigence and outright racism.

Jake Tapper nails them

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One needed to do a double-take after listening to Jake Tapper‘s soliloquy that put the entire Right-Wing implosion into context. Whether on the Left or the Right, anyone who listened to Tapper would have understood the historical context of the madness.

Tapper first sets the stage.

“At around 4:30 in the morning 160 years ago tomorrow, a treasonous South Carolina militia attacked the U.S. Government at Fort Sumter near Charleston, South Carolina, and the U.S. Civil War began,” Jake Tapper said. “To this day, the deadliest war in American history. Four years of bloody battle and unfathomable viciousness ending only when General Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox.”

Tapper made it clear that there was nothing noble about those who started the Civil war. In his narrative, he wanted it clear that those still waging the ideological battle are on the side of evil, for they fought to maintain a right to maim and enslave.

“So, the conflict would not formally end for another 16 months in some parts of the country,” Tapper continued. “And in the hearts and minds of too many of our fellow Americans, the war continued to wage, a war that was fought over whether or not states had the right to own black Americans to enslave them to rape them to maim them, and to kill them.”

Tapper points out the hypocrisy of building monuments and naming bases in the name of treasonous generals even as they were also incompetent. Worse, they were not named or honored in the Civil War days, but in the 20th century to in a glorification of traitors, an apparent inability to realize those on the side of evil justifiably lost the war. He singled out General Bragg, for which the base where the Special Forces train was named after. He called him a bumbling treasonous fool.

Listen to the entire clip. Jake Tapper breaks it down well. He also admonished politicians and Right-Wing media for their tacit support of the Right-Wing racists and white supremacists.

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