Now it should be explicit, not suspected or implicit that elections are not democratic in the presence of Murdoch, the Kochs or Adelman. What we see is that anything will be done where the most powerful are sure they will not be prosecuted. Lies count for nothing. There is no respect for the body politic. Their actions are aimed to gain control and to carry out vendettas against anyone who crosses them.

Laws are all but useless.

A post-election vote analysis for the United Kingdom election of 2015 shows that the result was almost certainly thrown to the Conservative Party. This operation was carried out mainly by the assets of News Corporation. The mechanism for Murdoch's Dirty Tricks is the United Kingdom Independence Party, known as UKIP. Overall the scheme used repeatedly dishonest tactics to pulled some 2,650,000 votes away from the Labour Party.

We have the actual vote totals by constituency in hand. Follow-up work using these figures will give strong evidence to determine a likely mean for the the 2nd choice Troy-vs.-Labour split for UKIP voters. There is no reason so far to doubt the 32% Tory to 68% Labour exits result. Every profile we've seen for UKIP voters matches better to Labour.

If we move the effects of this UKIP scheme out of the election results, applying spreadsheet statistics, we find that David Cameron and his Conservative Party would hold not 331 seats but only 293 seats. The calculations distribute votes from the false flag UKIP to Labour and the Tories; the result reverses this 2015 election outcome.

Instead of a ruling majority the Tories would have their 293 seats. They would be looking at a coalition of Labour and Scottish National holding (270 + 50 =) 320 seats. With likely support from the few/traumatized/surviving Liberal Democrats, they could have formed a government. The Tories would have lost.

The closest we have to UKIP in the United States is the Tea Party. That is not a close match. They work xenophobia with slogans aimed at immigration (which in the U.K. was blamed for the effects of Tory economic austerity.) UKIP pushed a laundry list of items — the most of which The Sun hammered relentlessly.

This UKIP scam is by far the the strongest interference yet to democratic processes from the media empire of former Australian, now citizen of the United States, Rupert Murdoch. He changing a narrow loss for the Tories to a ruling majority win.

Murdoch's drum beat for UKIP more than quadrupled its vote count compared with its performance in 2010. Outreach to working class households focused to competitive constituencies in England and Wales, that is competitive between the Tories and Labour.

As to electing their own candidates, UKIP put on-the-ground resources to 2 races and won 1 of them.

Statistics Reflect Unpleasant Truths

The numbers are straightforward:

In the final count UKIP polled 3,881,129 votes. Of roughly 30,700,000 votes cast. (That is out of a total electorate of 46,425,386 with 66.1% voting.) In-depth exit polls collect voters' voting backgrounds and their immediate 2nd choice responses. In a forced choice between Conservative and Labour, the historical models predict that these UKIP votes would have split 2,650,000 for Labour and 1,231,000 for the Tories. (The models are not grounded for predictions involving other parties such as Greens or Liberal Democrats in their new role as holders of 8 seats.) Using the total split model:

♠ ♠ ♠  Conservatives would have polled (11,334,520 + 1,231,000 =) 12,565,520 votes.

♠ ♠ ♠  Labour and would have polled (9,347,326 + 2,650,000 =) 11,997.326 votes. Scottish National Party polled 1,454,436. Effectively SNP replaced Labour and Liberal Democrats in Scotland.

♠ ♠ ♠  Impact from Murdoch's championing of UKIP is calculated by distributing the UKIP votes in the constituencies where they were cast. We do not have detailed exit poll data at that grain. That leaves us using the overall national ratio at 8.6:4 as the best estimate for projection. With that limitation, the UKIP vote grab flipped just under 40 seats of the 650 at issue. 38 is the mean. It would appear that UKIP's household level efforts were concentrated to contested/at-risk seats.

 ♠ ♠ ♠ Liberal Democrats had been the leading protest party until they weren't. Their vote total collapsed as they presented “Tory Light” mixed with Little Brother. UKIP succeeded in part by grabbing up formerly Labour voters who had sided with the Liberal Democrats in 2010.

 ♠ ♠ ♠ Green Party received 1,157,613 votes in this 2015 parliamentary election. No one would say that the Greens are a false flag operation. But since you have to take out the corporatist parties, first, to move on environmental issues, what would be the point to voting for Green Party in a national winner-take-all election system? These voters get no representation in the 2015 Parliament. “Go Green” cast 1,157,613 leftie voters into the NO VOTE column. At least for U.K. that has to be a self-inflicted tactical blunder.

The Green Party vote rose from 265,187 in 2010 to 1,157,613  in 2015. Additional research will be needed to evaluate how much of that increase was motivated by Murdoch's empire calling daily for protest votes.

Voters were led to believe that the 2015 election was going to be a landslide for Labour. Also that UKIP was set to do grave damage to the Conservative Party. News Corporations media companies repeated over and over that UKIP's voters were defecting Tories.

Greens and UKIP voters could have voted rationally. If you want to protest in a winner-take-all system, you vote for the opposition in national elections. Instead, put simply, they threw away their votes. For example, if a 55% majority of Greens had gone for Labour in England and Wales, that difference would have added more seats to a Labour/SNP coalition. Enough surely to reach 326 seats for a ruling majority.

Based on the calculations above, going with UKIP votes and without wholly hypothetical Green votes, Labour and SNP would have increased their seat counts from 232 and 50 up to 270 and 50. Their coalition total at 320 seats would still have needed to add another 6 seats from minor parties to reach a 326 seat majority — not a stable situation in any case.

The Conservative position would have been worse yet. Making a coalition from a start of 293 seats would be all but impossible.

Murdoch's Disinformation

The big lies out of News Corporations started with faked polls saying that Labour was going to win easily. Here's The Sun just before the election claiming that Labour was going to take 25 of 26 “battleground” constituencies:

“If the results were repeated across the country, 83 Tory MPs would lose their seats in an election-night bloodbath” — lead article from The Sun's Politics page

Published projections for Tory vote went down as far as the high twenties on a percentage basis. And surely these figures were manufactured propaganda items. No poll run by any independent organization came anywhere close to the Conservative debacle put out by Murdoch.

Tory candidates totaled 37% of the vote. The party gained 24 net seats.

Murdoch's propaganda put them at 28% and losing as many as 83 seats.

But of course it was the Liberal Democrats who suffered the disaster. Their vote share fell from 23.1% to 7.9%. They lost 49 seats, retaining only 8.

The point of Murdoch's propaganda claiming a Labour landslide was to sell voters on the idea that their votes didn't matter. The 2015 election was decided. Labour was winning it, pulling away. In such an environment voting for protest parties would not hurt anything.

With a Labour landslide it wouldn't matter if anti-Conservative voters cast their ballots for UKIP or the Greens. And with Murdoch's domination of media and his hooks into the polling operations, no one was able to counter his tsunami of lies.

Of  course this story of a Labour landslide was made up. Labour's internal polls said nothing like that.

The Sun, The Times and the others uniformly wrote that UKIP was hurting the Conservatives. This was the second big lie.

Great Victory

Corporate media here in America are busy lauding David Cameron for running a masterful campaign. They love him. After all, the Conservatives just took 331 seats for a ruling majority in Parliament. They will govern the country for five years. Austerity economics, tax cuts for the wealthy, privatizing health care provision operations, and limiting any and all social investment combine for a Wave of the Future. The people of the United Kingdom are said to appreciate the grandeur of anti-socialist, anti-social politics and reject the insipid weakness of effete Leftie Labourites.

This is the party line. 100% If not, find me one counterexample in our “news” coverage.

These forces are implicit: the media are there to feed us propaganda. The billionaires are allowed to buy, bribe or blackmail our political class. The behaviors known as Dirty Tricks since 1972 are with us every election cycle.

With the United Kingdom in 2015 what had been implicit became explicit in a big way.

UKIP had been a Far Right splinter party. A much closer match to our Tea Party. It was known best for racism and violent imagery, for campaign materials from Amateur Hour. Then Murdoch's 800-odd companies and a mystery of deep pocket support converted UKIP into a Labour killer.

Imagine the U.S. if a false flag party took 8.6% of total vote away from the Democrats, while only taking 4% from the Republicans.

Apply that election-stealer to any of our recent elections.

That is what happened in the United Kingdom. For the most important election in their system. For a five year run at managing the country. And for what happens with little issues such as perpetual war and the ultimate fantasy: taxing billionaires.

Beware! We're next.

And if you think that laws will protect you, consider what happened after our friend Florence Cioffi was killed in a DUI hit-and-run in Manhattan back in January, 2008. 60 m.p.h. up a city street, drunk, and keep going after impact. For the top tier that case demonstrated where the law cannot go. Our lack of protections was made explicit.

Take out our election system? It won't be UKIP; there will be something. Why not?

  • May 11, 2015
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