Mulvaney admits to quid pro quo, says 'get over it'

Okay, the goalposts are now somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy. In a press conference today, chief White House toady Mick Mulvaney basically admitted there was a quid pro quo involved in the administration’s decision to hold up funds for Ukraine earlier this year. According to Mulvaney, the administration was hoping to press Ukraine into investigating one of Trump’s kooky pet conspiracy theories about Ukraine’s alleged involvement with the 2016 DNC hack. 

When ABC reporter Jon Karl pointed out this apparent departure from weeks of carefully crafted GOP talking points, Mulvaney simply said, “Get over it” and “We do that all the time.”

No. He literally said that.

Trump’s camp has claimed there was “no quid pro quo” in his call with Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky, and that security aid for Ukraine wasn’t held up because Zelensky didn’t move to probe former Vice President Joe Biden. But the administration has still neglected to answer just why that aid was withheld — until Mulvaney’s admission Thursday.

“The look-back to what happened in 2016 certainly was part of the thing that [Trump] was worried about” when deciding whether to release aid to Ukraine earlier this year, Mulvaney said, referring to Trump’s belief that Ukraine had something to do with the DNC hack. He later said it had nothing to with Biden, and then told the gathered reporters to “get over it” when it came to the admitted quid pro quo.

So there you go. Your president is corrupt, and you, good sir, can eat a dick.

I’d like to return to those halcyon days when things still mattered and admitting to profound corruption in broad daylight led to real consequences.

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