I see the MSNBC segment on Pence’s visit to a border facility, and my first reaction is, “Why the hell would anyone want to allow this to be released to the public?”  Then, I took a look at Pence’s, Graham’s, and Senator Lee’s body language, and I think I understand what they are up to.  If you look closely, there is no look of shock to them.  They are standing there just looking with Pence’s arms locked in front of him.

And this tells me that there are multiple messages being sent out on purpose with this display of cruelty:

  • “Hey Republican base voters who are bigots and racists!  Look at what we are doing!  We may not be solving this immigration problem all at once, but we are sure inflicting pain on these brown skinned invaders!  Remember Trump in 2020!”
  • This is gaslighting on steroids.  Cruelty and sadism when dealing with immigrants is becoming an acceptable norm.  The Media and the American people will eventually become numb to all of this with repeated exposure.  Hell, we have been torturing kids for over a year now.
  • Thanks to Democratic leaders for that blank check you wrote Trump for the border faciities.  Trump will keep spending that money wisely on his sadistic plans for immigrants. 
  • And Trump will continue to show the powerlessness of the feckless Democrats in D.C. to do anything to bring Trump to heel.  After a while, Democratic base voters will get depressed and not show up in the next election because why bother voting Democratic if it does no good?

You all my disagree with the last two points, but Trump and his fellow Republicans are big on metting out humiliation for their opponents, especially Trump.   Schumer and the other Senate Democrats caved on border control funding on June 26th.  This jammed up the House Democrats who had strings attached to funding in their bill.  While the Senate Democrats are primarily to blame for writing this blank check to Trump to keep up the good work on the border, Pelosi was under pressure from the rest of the House Democrats to get it done and get out of town.  Therefore, Pelosi got the strings removed to the border facility funding bill, and it passed the House.  Everyone got to go home for the Fourth of July.

How is that playing NOW?

And you know that Democrats understand this because you can see Senator Hirono does not want to talk about how Senate Democrats caved to McConnell and Trump.  Senator Hirono did not vote for that border funding bill that McConnell pushed.  She was one of the few that didn’t.  But she didn’t want to criticize her fellow worthless Senate Democrats either.

If Democrats do not do something — my favorite is that “i” word that Nancy Pelosi refuses to consider — soon to get some wins that at least hurt Trump for the 2020 Election, Democratic base voters will say to themselves, “Democrats cannot protect us from Trump.”  And when that happens, Democratic base voters will do what they have always done when they feel they are being ignored or neglected:  sit home on election day.

I don’t do that, but I have no control over what other voters do.  I’m just letting you all know what history has shown us time and time again.

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