Moscow Mitch is losing control of his caucus, GOP Senators have long ago lost all respect for democracy, and the country is losing its mind watching all of it.

Multiple senators oppose certifying election results

A growing number of Republican senators — led by Ted Cruz — announced today they also will object to certifying state Electoral College votes on Wednesday and called for resurrecting an Electoral Commission to conduct an emergency audit of the results.

McConnell’s effort to stop Hawley from using the ceremonial counting of the electoral college votes on Wednesday was doomed when Hawley couldn’t even be bothered to join the conference call with his caucus. Many other Senators expressed disgust with what Hawley is trying to pull. But now Cruz has decided an objection could help his own plans to become the Autocrat-in-Chief, while other Senators are just looking to make mischief.

Cruz, who, like Hawley, is thought to be considering a 2024 presidential bid, released a statement this afternoon announcing his plans, shortly after Axios first reported about them. Several other GOP senators are now expected to follow in a coordinated effort they consider distinct from Hawley's.

The list of Senators so far includes, besides Cruz:

  • Johnson (WI)
  • Lankford (OK)
  • Kennedy (LA)
  • Blackburn (TN)
  • Braun (IN)
  • Lummis (WY-elect)
  • Marshall (KS-elect)
  • Hagerty (TN-elect)
  • Tuberville (AL-elect)

What they say they want (I don’t believe Cruz has signed on to this):

Congress should immediately appoint an Electoral Commission, with full investigatory and fact-finding authority, to conduct an emergency 10-day audit of the election returns in the disputed states. Once completed, individual states would evaluate the Commission’s findings and could convene a special legislative session to certify a change in their vote, if needed,” the senators said in a joint statement.

Now, that’s not what the Constitution and the law allow. Each House will debate the challenge for two hours and then vote. There is no provision for any delay or any other action. It will be also be brought up in that debate that the votes, the voting procedures, the laws, and the phase of the moon on Nov. 3rd have all been contested in both state and federal courts and all challenges have been rejected. All states AFAIK have also conducted audits, sometimes more than one, and all have confirmed the vote.

Romney and Murkowski have already said they will vote to reject to any challenge. Assuming all Democrats stay focused, that’s 50 votes against right there (there will be 99 Senators on the 6th, so that won’t be a tie). McConnell has also hinted he’ll vote against, as has Collins, though her angst isn’t worth the paper it isn’t even written on.

In normal times, this wouldn’t even be suggested. In normal times, any such suggestion,  much less support, would result in so much of the country being openly disgusted by the antics that they would hound their proponent out of office.

There are a lot of political consequences to this, as well as damage to our domestic tranquility, respect for the democratic process, and the peaceful transfer of power. But along with all that, what troubles me on the intellectual level is the growing willingness to disregard, even to deny, observed and verified evidence in favor of fantasy, and that the response to more evidence is a deeper clinging to the fantasy. To the extent that these instigators know that they are perpetrating and perpetuating a fantasy, they are committing an even greater crime against human reason and thus against humanity.

I study history, lately with a focus on the history of Christianity. This is how Christianity took over and consolidated its hold on Europe for over a thousand years. For those of you know your Church history, I’m starting to feel like Celsus.

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