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Multibillionaire David Geffen wishes us well while 'avoiding the virus' on his $400 million yacht

And I thought Ivanka Trump’s faux camping trip with her kids in her posh living room was the most tone-deaf thing I’d see during the coronavirus crisis.


Yeah, great to know we plebes could help you out via Congress’ bailout bill. If I die, feel free to cut me up into chum so you can do some deep-sea fishing while you’re out there. I’m happy to help.

Needless to say, the peasantry was not amused:


— Bethany James Winn 🌹🔮 (@bethanyjameswin) March 28, 2020


— Roman (@roughtradeX) March 28, 2020


— Paloma_#RemoveandConvictTrump (@palomapoetry) March 28, 2020


— robin (@rjmgraham) March 28, 2020


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If this doesn’t put into stark relief the absurdity of allowing people to accumulate such obscene wealth, I don’t know what does. (According to Forbes, Geffen is worth $7.7 billion.)

I know I’m not speaking just for myself when I say, feel free to stay out there, David — long after the pandemic is over. 

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