I thought I would summarize what the concensus seems to be on why the Mueller Report basically failed to launch an aggressive impeachment inquiry versus the impact of the intelligence whistleblower complaint.  I tried uploading the image into this diary directly, but the dimensions were too small to see.  If anyone has a solution for this, please feel free to tell me.  

Other points of difference between the Mueller Report and the whistleblower complaint.

  • Mueller Report was done in secret.  Whisteblower complaint is being aired in public.
  • Secrecy of Mueller Report allowed Trump to set the narrative.  In other words, Mueller could not fight back against Trump’s lies.  
  • Trump is off his disinformation game with whistleblower complaint.  House Democrats provide information about the investigation in real time and aggressively pushback on Trump’s lies.
  • Damn few witnesses have come before congress about the Mueller Report.  The ones that have appeared have been awful — Mueller being Mr. Rectitude and Lewandoski giving the Judiciary Committee the middle finger.  Meanwhile, the whistleblower complaint has had the acting DNI, the Intelligence IG, Volker, and at least two other State Department officials will be testifying next week.  The whistleblower is even expected to testify.

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