Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D. NY) on behalf of End Citizens United in support of Governor Steve Bullock’s (D. MT) U.S. Senate campaign:

Can you spare $5 to elect Steve Bullock and flip the Senate blue? Please click to donate now >>

Our chance to flip the Senate just grew exponentially:

CNN: “Democrats now have a real chance at winning the Senate in 2020″

If we win the Montana Senate Race, we can take back the Senate. Full stop.

So I’m coming to you directly to ask you to donate $5 to Democrat Steve Bullock. If he wins, the Senate is ours.

This race is widely considered one of the Senate seats most likely to flip in 2020. This seat could be the tipping point to end McConnell’s Majority.

So if you’re reading this email, I need you. We need to send 1,000 donations from Democrats across the country to help Steve Bullock before his end-of-month fundraising deadline. Can you make a Triple-Matched donation now? »

The list of Senate seats Republicans have to defend is getting longer and longer — and Montana is at the top of that list.

Steve is an extremely popular governor in Montana.

As soon as he announced his candidacy, he shot up in the polls — he’s leading his opponent by nearly 7%!

Montana voters know that the Republican Senate is only looking out for their big donors, not American families. That’s why we need to win this election at all costs. Otherwise, Mitch McConnell will be closer to another 2 years of obstruction.

I’m reaching out to you directly: Steve cannot fall short of his next fundraising deadline. Can you send even $5 directly to Steve Bullock’s Democratic campaign? >>

Let’s do this,

-Senator Chuck Schumer

Click here to donate to Bullock’s campaign.

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