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MT-Sen: PPP Has Gov. Steve Bullock (D) Beating Sen. Steve Daines (R) 48-47

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Here’s the latest news today out of Montana courtesy of PPP:

A new Public Policy Polling survey finds Steve Bullock leading Republican opponent Steve Daines in the Montana Senate race by 1 point (48-47). Health care is a key issue fora majority of Montanans, with 64% considering it either the most important issue or a very important issue—and voters do not trust Daines to protect them when it comes to healthcare coverage. Just 29% of voters who consider healthcare to be a key issue support Daines, while 67% support Bullock. Daines’ positions on health care could cause him to lose further ground to Bullock.

49% of voters trust Bullock more to hold health insurance and pharmaceutical companies accountable, while just 41% trust Daines more.

48% trust Bullock more on the overall issue of healthcare, while only 42% trust Daines more.

48% trust Bullock more to protect healthcare for people with pre-existing conditions, while just 42% trust Daines more.

Meanwhile, a majority (54%) of Montana voters disapprove of the Trump administration’s attempt to strike down the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the middle of a pandemic without any replacement. Just 36% think it should be struck down.When voters hear that Daines voted five times to repeal the ACA, a plurality (46%) say they are less likely to support him in the election, while just 32% say they are more likely.Additionally, voters express serious concerns over the consequences of striking down the ACA.

60% say that eliminating protections stopping insurance companies from denying coverage or raising the costs of care for 135 million Americans with pre-existing conditions is a major concern.

58% say that allowing insurance companies to stop covering the cost of prescription drugs is a major concern.

57% say they have major concerns about over twenty million Americans completely losing their health insurance coverage if the ACA is struck down

Public Policy Polling surveyed 886 Montana voters from October 26-27, 2020. The margin of error is +/- 3.3%. 50% of interviews for the survey were conducted by telephone and50% by text message.

Can’t blame voters for not trusting Daines when it comes to health care:

Republican Senator Steve Daines of Montana received tens of thousands of dollars from large pharmaceutical companies around the same time that he attached his name to alternative drug-pricing legislation this summer, according to recent financial filings with the Federal Elections Commission reviewed by Newsweek.

Daines, one of several vulnerable Republicans in the upper chamber this election cycle, co-sponsored the Lower Costs, More Cures Act on July 2, which sought to lower the cost of prescription drugs while providing greater price transparency. The bill was introduced in December 2019 and has not advanced.

In the weeks before and after Daines threw his weight behind the proposal, he received a total of $18,500 from seven different Big Pharma political action committees (PACs). It had been several months, even up to a year since some of the PACs last donated to the first-term senator's own PAC, Steve Daines for Montana.

Also, this might be an issue that hurts Daines and helps Bullock:

The deal seemed like great news for Montana ranchers: Chinese retailer had promised to buy $200 million worth of beef and spend an additional $100 million building a slaughterhouse in the state.
But nearly three years after the accord was announced on the sidelines of President Trump’s first official trip to Beijing, the big orders have yet to materialize and there’s no sign of any new meatpacking plant.
The project’s apparent collapse has surfaced in the state’s U.S. Senate race, one of several contests that could determine whether the Republicans retain control of the chamber or surrender it to the Democrats. The vanishing beef deal shows how the souring of the U.S.-China relationship is reshaping U.S. politics, making a liability of once-beneficial ties and placing a premium on hard-edge rhetoric toward Beijing.

In Montana, Gov. Steve Bullock, the Democratic challenger, has criticized Republican Sen. Steve Daines, who claimed credit for brokering the beef deal, for being too cozy with the Chinese government. The state Democratic Party has run ads calling Daines “China’s cheerleader” and accused him of helping outsource jobs as a business executive in the 1990s, a charge he denied in earlier campaigns.

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Let’s keep up the momentum to flip Montana Blue. Click below to donate and get involved with Bullock, Cooney, Biden and their fellow Montana Democrats campaigns:

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