Received this e-mail today from former presidential candidate, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D. IN), in support of Gov. Steve Bullock’s (D. MT) U.S. Senate campaign:

For too long, our government has been captured by corporate interests and the ultra-wealthy. And in Mitch McConnell, these interests have had an ally standing in the way of progress at every turn.

In November, we have a unique opportunity to deliver better leadership to Washington. You see, we only need to flip four seats to end Mitch McConnell’s Senate majority. And we have a strong opportunity to win one of those races with Steve Bullock in Montana. Recent polls show Steve in the lead!

I’m doing whatever I can to win back the Senate and bring change to Washington. That starts right here.

Will you join me in adding a donation to Steve’s campaign before his official public fundraising deadline? He isn’t taking a single contribution from the corporate PACs trying to capture our politics, so he’s counting on grassroots support to win this race.

Steve would bring honest, common-sense leadership to Washington. He’s rolled up his sleeves and worked with both Democrats and Republicans to get things done for the people of Montana.

As governor, he led the fight to protect our public lands, worked to protect access to affordable health care, and passed one of the strongest campaign finance laws in the country.

I’ve known Steve for many years. We need a leader like Steve in the Senate to fight for everyday families — instead of the big corporate interests corrupting our politics.

But that doesn’t mean Mitch McConnell and his donor network will go down without a fight. They’ve already announced $100 million in TV ads targeting reformers like Steve. We’ll need strong grassroots support to fight off that kind of money. So, I’m asking:

If you can, will you make a contribution of $10 or more to help Steve build the campaign he needs to flip this seat and bring us one step closer to taking back the majority?

Steve Bullock has always fought to do right by the people of Montana. That’s how I know he'll make a great Senator, not just for Montana, but for the entire country.

Thank you,

Pete Buttigieg

Click here to donate to Bullock’s campaign.

  • May 12, 2020
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