Received this e-mail today from People For the American Way in support of Governor Steve Bullock’s (D. MT) U.S. Senate campaign:


Montana Governor Steve Bullock just announced he will enter the race for U.S. Senate against Trump Republican Sen. Steve Daines!

The entry of the popular Democrat makes this race immediately competitive, increases the Democrats’ chances of flipping control of the Senate, and adds another state to our Take Back the Senate Fund 2020 target list!

Will you chip in right now to DEFEAT right-wing Republican senators like Steve Daines and FLIP THE U.S. SENATE?>>

We now have up to SEVEN target Republican senators we’ll be working to unseat and we need a net pick up of three seats plus the presidency or four seats without the presidency if we’re going to elect a Democratic majority and END Mitch McConnell’s reign.

Sen. Steve Daines is right at home on the list of far-right Trump Republican senators we’re targeting. Daines has been a consistent ally of Trump’s on all parts of his agenda, as well as being part of the Trump cover up in the impeachment trial and ramming through the confirmation of an unprecedented number of unfit Trump judicial nominees.

Donate now to defeat Steve Daines and TAKE BACK THE SENATE!>>

Thanks for being in this fight.

— PFAW’s Take Back the Senate Fund

Click here to donate to Bullock’s campaign.