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MT-Sen: NYT, “Why Montana Is a Test Case for Democrats’ Winning the Senate”

The New York Times has a great piece out today about the upcoming U.S. Senate race between Governor Steve Bullock (D. MT) and incumbent U.S. Senator Steve Daines (R. MT). It goes on to discuss how split ticket voting and Bullock’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic in Montana are his keys to helping Democrats win a Senate Majority:

Montanans have supported Republican presidential candidates, with one exception, for over a half-century. In that same period, though, they have elected a series of Democratic governors and senators. Senator Steve Daines, whom Mr. Bullock is challenging, was the first Republican elected to the Senate seat that he holds in over a century.

Yet as he faces off against Mr. Bullock, whose popularity has risen as he leads the state’s coronavirus response, Mr. Daines is counting on Montanans to act a little more like voters everywhere else and stick with one party as they make their way down the ballot.

The race here will measure the political impact of the pandemic — many governors have grown in stature for their handling of the virus, and Mr. Bullock is the only sitting governor running for the Senate. It will also test Montana’s iconoclastic identity in a time of encroaching red-and-blue homogeneity.

Give the whole piece a read and when you’re done, let’s keep up the momentum to flip Montana Blue. Click below to donate and get involved with Bullock, Biden and their fellow Montana Democrats campaigns:

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