All day today I’ve been getting from several Democrats in support of Governor Steve Bullock’s (D. MT) U.S. Senate campaign. Starting with U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D. NY):


Governor Steve Bullock just announced he’s running for Senate in Montana!

Remember, Democrats need to net just four Senate seats to take back the majority. And Steve’s entry into the race makes that math a whole lot easier.

Click here to rush your donation to Steve’s campaign today: We must take back the Senate and end Mitch McConnell’s tenure in the majority.

Steve Bullock is one of the most effective governors in the country. In deep-red Montana, he expanded Medicaid, has led the fight to end the corrupting influence of dark money on our politics, and is unapologetically pro-choice.

And he knows how to win. He’s won three statewide elections in Montana, including his governor’s race in 2016, when Trump carried the state by more than 20 points.

Meanwhile, Steve Bullock’s opponent, Senator Steve Daines, is one of Trump’s most reliable allies in Washington, and the founder of the Senate’s “pro-life” caucus, which is dedicated to advancing legislation that strips women of their reproductive freedoms.

Steve’s jumping into this race at a major fundraising disadvantage—he needs our help to close the gap. Please, help me raise $15,000 for Steve’s campaign by midnight tonight. Here’s the best link:

With gratitude,

U.S. Senator Bob Casey, Jr. (D. PA):


Montana Governor Steve Bullock just announced he's running to help flip the U.S. Senate!

Steve was the only Democrat to win statewide re-election in a Trump state in 2016, and he's been rated one of the nation's most popular Governors during his time in office.

Steve knows how to fight and get things done for working families, and he knows how to make the case for Democratic policies in a way that wins Republican votes.

Steve Bullock just raised the odds that Democrats will flip the Senate in November. Help make sure that happens by chipping in now to help us raise $15,000 to support Steve by midnight.

Election Day may be almost eight months away, but what we do in these first hours of Steve's campaign could define everything that happens in the course of this race.

Your early support can help Steve lay out a victory plan and reach Montana voters where they are — before the Trump machine can fully mobilize against him.

If we succeed today, we can build a new Democratic majority in the Senate, and pass critical legislation to help children and working families across the country.

Don't wait until tomorrow to help Steve hit the ground running. Chip in to lay the groundwork now and flip the Senate in November.

Thank you,

Team Casey

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin (D. WI):


Big news,  —

Governor Steve Bullock just entered the Montana Senate race!

This race is expected to be the most competitive Senate race in the entire country — and The Washington Post reports, “Bullock’s entry into the Montana race would increase Democrats’ chances of picking up the four GOP seats they would need to reclaim control.”

Democrats are surging in battleground races across the country. We have a real shot at flipping the Senate this year, but only if we fight for it.

So, I’m asking: Will you rush a donation on DAY ONE of Steve’s campaign to help him flip Montana’s Senate seat? This race is key to taking back the Senate majority.

Steve has always fought for the people of Montana. As governor, he expanded health care, protected public lands, banned dark money in politics, and so much more. We could sure use him in the U.S. Senate.

With your help, Steve can pull this off and win in a state Trump won by more than 20 points. I’m serious! He has already won three statewide elections — including in 2016 — proving it can be done. But we have no time to lose if we want to set Steve up for success right out of the gate this time around.

Please, consider adding a donation of any amount that is meaningful to you to help Steve Bullock flip Montana’s Senate seat and take back the majority. It’s important.

Hope I can count on you to chip in today.

— Tammy

U.S. Senate candidate Jon Ossoff. (D. GA):


Democrat Steve Bullock just announced he’s running for U.S. Senate in Montana!

Will you chip in $5 to help launch his campaign and win back the Senate Majority?

No matter who wins the Presidential election this year, Democrats need to end Mitch McConnell’s Majority.

And now that Steve Bullock is running in Montana, our chances of winning back the Senate got a whole lot better.

He was reelected Governor by 4 points in 2016 — the same night Trump won Montana by 20!

His race will be incredibly tough — and expensive. So I’m pushing to raise $10,000 today to help launch his campaign and put Democrats in the best position possible to win the Senate.

Will you split a donation between Steve Bullock and me to win back the Senate Majority this year?

For years, the pundits have written off states like Georgia and Montana. They’ve said they’re deep-red strongholds that Democrats can’t win.

This year, we’re going to prove them wrong. But it’s going to take grassroots Democrats across the country coming together to make it happen.

Like us, Steve isn’t accepting any contributions from corporate PACs. His campaign will only get off to a strong start if folks like you chip in $5 or $10 today.

So  I’m humbly asking you to split a donation with Steve Bullock and me today. Every dollar will go toward winning back the Senate — and sending Mitch McConnell packing in November:


Jon Ossoff

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D. OR):


Great news:

My friend Steve Bullock is running to be the next U.S. Senator from Montana!

Steve's a very popular two-term Democratic governor with a long track record of fighting for working families. Now, he's stepping up to make sure we have a Democratic Senate in 2020.

It's going to be a hell of a fight, though. Let's show Steve that folks in our movement have got his back!

Steve's a superstar in the effort to get big money out of politics. As Montana's Attorney General, he was the first AG in the country to take on the disastrous Citizens United decision. As governor, he signed a law requiring greater transparency from dark money groups. He also requires government contractors to disclose any dark money contributions they make, and took on the IRS to demand full transparency from tax-exempt organizations.

Now Steve's ready to bring that same grit to the Senate, where he'll be a crucial partner not only in campaign finance reform, but in income inequality, the fight to expand access to affordable health care for every American, immigration, gun safety reform, LGTBQIA+ rights, and much much more.

I really can't overstate this: Having Steve in this race is a game-changer in our fight to take the Senate back from Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump.

Please contribute $3 now to flip this red seat blue and bring Steve Bullock to the Senate!


U.S. Senate candidate Theresa Greenfield (D. IA):


We know we can flip control of the U.S. Senate from Mitch McConnell — and our chances just got even better. This morning, Montana Governor Steve Bullock announced he's running to flip their Senate seat.

If we're going to flip Montana's seat AND win in Iowa, Steve and I need your help right now. Will you rush a donation of $5 or whatever you can to our grassroots campaigns today?

Here's the catch — Steve is at a HUGE fundraising disadvantage. Mitch McConnell and his corporate special interest allies fully support Steve's opponent. They're prepared to spend whatever they need to beat him and hold onto the Senate majority. It's going to take a surge of grassroots support to overcome national Republicans' spending. Will you answer the call? Split a donation between our two campaigns today.

To flip the four seats we need to take back the majority, we need a leader who has proven he can win. I know Steve has what it takes to defeat his extreme Republican opponent. As governor, Steve worked to expand Medicaid, protect public lands, and get big money out of Montana's political system.

Can I count on your support? Split a donation of $5 or more right away to show Mitch McConnell that Democrats across the country are ready to take back the Senate.



U.S. Senate candidate John Hickenlooper (D. CO):


Good news, folks!

My friend and Governor of Montana, Steve Bullock, just announced his campaign for U.S. Senate. Now, Democrats have a stronger chance than ever to take back the majority from Mitch McConnell and the GOP.

Despite Trump winning Montana by more than 20 points in 2016, Steve won his race for governor. I know he can win again — this time, for Senate — but only with your help:

The Senate majority is within our grasp, but we have to fight for it. Will you rush a donation to help Steve build a winning campaign to flip Montana’s Senate seat blue and take back the majority for Democrats?

Democrats are surging into the lead in battleground races across the country. Just like our race in Colorado, Steve’s race in Montana is expected to be one of the best chances Democrats have to flip a Republican seat.

But don’t be fooled — Washington Republicans are running scared and doing whatever it takes to keep their ironclad grip on the majority. Both Steve and I will face an avalanche of outside money from the GOP attack machine.

That’s where I’m hoping you can help:

Will you split a donation between Steve’s campaign and ours to help us build the resources we need to win our competitive elections and take back the majority for Democrats?

I know Steve will be an excellent Senator for Montana. As governor, he expanded Medicaid, fought against dark money, protected reproductive rights, and more.

It would be an honor to serve with him in the U.S. Senate. But we both need your help to get us there. That’s why your donation is so important today.

Thank you,


U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham (D. NC):


Hey there, take a look at this news:

Governor Steve Bullock just announced his campaign for U.S. Senate in Montana.

Our chances of taking back the Senate have never been stronger, so I’m turning to you during this critical moment:

Steve Bullock’s race, along with ours right here in North Carolina, could make up two of the four seats Democrats need to flip the Senate. Can you rush a donation between our campaigns to help us take back the majority?

Just like Thom Tillis, Montana’s Steve Daines refuses to stand up to President Trump, even when a policy is wrong for his state — and he has a massive network of dark money groups and super PACs behind him.

Unseating these incumbents won’t be easy, but I’ve seen Democrats beat the odds in some of the most competitive areas of the country.

That’s why I’m so confident we can fight back and win — with your help.

Can I count on you to split a donation between Steve Bullock’s campaign and ours to flip these seats and help Democrats take back the Senate? We have a real opportunity to win these races, which means we can’t afford to take any chances — not even for a second.

Thanks for everything.

— Cal

And U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan (D. NH):


I’ll be quick, 

Governor Steve Bullock just announced that he’s running for Senate in Montana. Democrats need to net just four seats to end Mitch McConnell’s tenure as majority leader and with Steve in the race, we’ve got a real chance at doing it.

Steve can win in Montana (he won in 2016 despite Trump carrying the state by over 20 points), but he’s starting out at a huge fundraising disadvantage.

I told him how strong this team is and that we’d help him raise $10,000 today to jumpstart his campaign. When I told him we’d raise $10,000, I was really counting on $3 or more from you. Will you help out?

Thank you — I’m so grateful for your support.

With every good wish,
Maggie Hassan

Click any of the links above to donate to Bullock’s campaign.

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