Stephanie Ruhle did not hold back as she excoriated the government's response to COVID. Her empathy for the plight of most is unparalleled.

Stephanie Ruhle gets it

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In a very poignant message, Stephanie Ruhle detailed her experience in which the entire family was infected with COVID-19. She started her prose, excerpted in the enclosed clip with a necessary narrative, simply stating the potential devastation that her situation could have become.

Ruhle's husband woke up with flu-like symptoms. They decided to get tested. It turned out they were all infected. Her children were mostly asymptomatic. They quarantined for 14 days. The thing is, as she explained, they could have become super-spreaders during the Thanksgiving holidays.

That is Ruhle's personal story. But the reason I love this woman is her ability to empathize. She understood that in a society where healthcare is not a right where most have a substandard level of care at a prohibitive cost that she was privileged. That realization drew her ire.

Stephanie Ruhle blasted the government not only for their incompetence but for having a system where there is no incentive for the average American to do what is necessary to curb the spread of the virus. After all, if one has to choose between taking care of their families or testing/quarantining, it is unlikely the latter will win.

We need an economic system that works for all. One cannot have a vibrant economy unless one has a healthcare system that works for everyone. The reality is that America has an inhumane, barbaric healthcare system for most that transfer the wealth of the many to the few. We must not allow the COVID-19 pandemic to go by without fighting and attaining Medicare for All. We just must not let this catastrophe repeat again.

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