Brian Williams in his entry to the MSNBC show “The 11th Hour” was poignant and scary. It made it clear we have a president purposefully detached from reality even as it is all around him.

A president living in fantasy land

Williams enumerated a litany of lies, misleading information, and bravado using clips of Trump in his own words.

“At the White House today, nothing but rosy scenarios in the Rose Garden,” said Brian Williams. “The President said, quote, a lot of good things are happening. He is determined to start opening the country.”

To be clear as Indivisible Houston President Daniel Cohen pointed out in his article, the country was never closed or turned off and does not need to be reopened or turned on.

Williams made it clear we are living in two different worlds. And his transition from Trump’s purposeful fantasy land to reality was short, stark, and witty.

“As we let all that settle in,” Brian Williams transitioned into the reality-based section of his report. “Let’s check back in with the real world, shall we?”

He then went through the horrific numbers of this pandemic and our failure to have an effective testing modal.

It is misguided to sit back and blame the president for all of these problems. The president needs a cadre of sycophants, profiteers, and enablers to elevate a system that was already taking advantage of the well-being and personal economies of Americans to an exponential level. We need to all work together to rid ourselves not only of the president but those who’ve allowed the pilfering through designed chaos.

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