Ali Velshi recently articulated the state of our current democracy that seems to be transitioning to a form of fascism. It is an important piece to watch.

Ali Velshi lays out the path to fascism.

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“Take a moment. Process this,” Ali Velshi said. “This is the United States of America. Did you know that? Sounds like a silly question. But I mean it. Because little by little over the last three and a half years, this country has changed. Have you noticed that it is not the same America that we once knew? Well if you haven't that is part of the point. That's how democracy starts to slip into authoritarianism. It doesn't happen all at once.”

And that is the entire premise of this excellent segment using all the different things Trump has been doing to slow walk us into fascism. I have often used the example of building up one's immunity to a poison until it's natural systems can no longer clear it. But at that point one has gone too far and death is inevitable. We are not there yet but the warnings are all there.

Ali Velshi points out that the recession and the pandemic can create a catalyst for Trump to fool Americans into accepting his deception that would lead us into our anti-democracy. He points out how Trump is attempting to use strategic lies to instill fear in Americans, a fear of a Biden presidency that would “harm” them.

Velshi ends this sub-segment with a prescient statement.

“[Trump] wants you to be afraid,” Ali Velshi said. “He wants you to think that only he has the power to take away that fear. It is a zero-sum-gain. If someone else gains, you lose. It is such an old trick. And it keeps on working.”

Ali, there are many of us working to make sure it does not work this time. We have the time and the wherewithal to do it right this time.

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