MSNBC Katy Tur grills Facebook VP about taking down Trump's lying posts

MSNBC Host Katy Tur challenged Facebook VP of Global Affairs & Comms Nick Clegg about pulling down Trump's messages that misinforms.

Once again Katy Tur did not disappoint

Watch the full episode here.

Katy Tur did what she does best, challenge those in power without fear. She did so when she challenged Michael Bennet on Medicare for All. Today she did it with Nick Clegg, Facebook’s VP of Global Affairs & Comms.

Katy Tur went directly to Trump’s messages lying about the election where Facebook simply placed a message softly refuting Trump’s lie. She asked the VP why not take it down given that his platform is used to enhance & spread Trump’s lies.

Clegg tried to make it into a free speech issue or an unresolved issue, Katy would not let him. She pointed out that it is clear that Trump followers do not believe in fact-checkers and as such fact-checking messages are pointless.

Near the end in a very British style, Clegg was condescending to Katy Tur’s viewers. She did not let him get away with it. She was just as sly with her response as she validated her viewers.

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