MSNBC just cut him off and saying ” This is not a News Conference “

Trump claims to be holding a News Conference but some of the media doesn’t feel it is.  CNN and MSNBC cut away.   

All he is doing they claim is name calling and distorting the truth.   WOW…What else is new?  He has been on the campaign trail via the presidential podium for almost 4 years for a job he clearly cannot handle.

Good on the news media for finally catching on.   He is just plain lying and claiming all sorts of BS.  He lied about even the Covid bill not being about relief.

Hey Orange man, they said Cut and thats a wrap.  I hope they do not give him anymore air time.  I know they will but keep cutting away and fact checking him.

This is the News Conference that wasn’t.   He did have his own cheering crowd there.  He signed that piece of worthless paper wanting states to pick up some of the unemployment tab.  They are broke.  He also did all of this from his private golf club in Virginia.  They were hooting and screaming according to Rev. Al.

Two questions were asked and he got scared and ran away.   They tuned back in for questions and then cut away again.  He should have canned applause.  Much cheaper, I am sure.