MSNBC host slams police for chronic lying on police reports

Host Katy Tur continues her objective no bars held reporting as she calls out police reports that do not reflect reality. They lie on reports even with video present.

MSNBC host slams lying police reports

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“What happened with the police department that they thought it was okay to send out a press release that the man tripped and failed.” Katy Tur said incredulously. “Thank God there was video that showed that he did not trip and fall. How do you do that as a police force.”

Ms. Tur then calls out the police implying correctly that they often lie on their reports.

“And that calls into question every single press release we read,” Katy Tur continued. “From police departments that describe the situation, we are expected to take their word for it. Thank God there is video showing that didn’t happen.”

She then migrates it to the George Floyd murder-by-cop incident.

“What happens though in the other cases where there is not video,” Katy said, “How might George Floyd’s arrest had been described in a press release had somebody not been there to take a video of it.”

It is clear that like many other police reports, the officers lied in George Floyd police report. The myth that police officers are the bastions of society was always that. We need our police officers for the jobs that they are hired to perform. Their jobs are to ensure we live within the laws we all agreed to, period. We must pay them commensurate with the risk they take just like we do for other protection. But we must stop living under the false pretense that they are not but a reflection of society with the power to kill you.

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  • June 6, 2020
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