Katy Tur displayed how the rest of the world is handling COVID-19. She then let the administration have it for their incompetence. Please watch the video in its entirety for full context.

Katy Tur exposes Trump's incompetence

Watch full episode here.

Katy Tur starts the sub-segment with a graph. What it shows is horrific and if Americans were not currently in an ideological stupor, they would forget all mutual animosities and focus on the neutron bomb that is exploding in front of us.


This graph is terrifying, There are three countries exhibiting this kind of behavior, the US, Russia, and Brazil. Wanna guess what they have in common? Even Boris Johnson, the fourth corner of the major Right-Wing quartet may have seen the light after his brush with death by COVID-19.

We claim that are an exceptional country. Reality is not bearing that out. Trump's articulation of success even as all metrics on everything real are provably failures has left his sycophants solely with his words as their robotic, cult-like mindless utterances.

The problem is that Trump and his cabal are constitutionally empowered. When we state that the 2020 election is existential, we have metrics to prove it. One only hopes that we can meander until January 20th, 2021.

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