MSNBC Host Katy Tur was shocked that black men have better odds of demise-by-cop than winning a scratch-off ticket. Joshua Johnson helped set the stage.

MSNBC host Katy Tur was shocked

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Katy Tur is a darn good journalist. She won over many progressive when she went very hard at neoliberal-in-progressive-clothing Senator Michael Bennet challenging his Medicare for All stance.

Katy Tur's comment in the clip shows the level of invisibility black men have with their plight with the police to too many. What can only be characterized as state tolerated murder-by-cop, is constancy of discourse in communities of color and communities who care empathetically.

“Josh, let me ask you about this,” Katy Tur said. “This is a number that took both me and my husband back last night as we were discussing what was going on. There's a one in 1,000 chance in recent years for a black man or boy to die at the hands of a police officer. That's better odds than a lot of scratch tickets. And I asked this question of a couple of a police chief and a sheriff yesterday and I got roundabout answers from both of them. So I want to ask you, why does this continue?”

Johnson's response to the MSNBC host was prescient.

Joshua's illustrates the longevity of the abuse.

“If it could happen to Crispus Attucks,” Joshua Johnson said. “It hasn't really changed. I think it's just a different awareness. And I think it's the difference is not that it happens, it's the response. It's that more people think to record it. It's that more people think to take to the streets and protest.”

Joshua Johnson then continued to explain the plight. He ends the statement with a sad reality.

“I just know that this is not new,” Johnson said. “And I'm sorry to say that if something happened to me on my way home of the yolk of what happened to George Floyd, I know that my mother and my father would be heartbroken but they would not be surprised.”

One hopes that the unrest this time is sufficiently cathartic that real change comes. Only time will tell.

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