MSNBC's Katy Tur interviewed Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman, who wants the city and the strip to open with no real plan other than survival of the fittest.

Katy Tur scolds Las Vegas mayor

Watch the entire episode here.

Katy Tur has been doing some great journalistic work. Recently, while she covered the COVID-19 protests in Phoenix by Trumpists who want the stay-at-home order lifted, she made sure to characterize them accurately. She pointed out that the crowds were relatively small and they were dumb given the risks.

Recently she interviewed Las Vegas Independent Mayor Carolyn Goodman. Based on the mayor's rhetoric she seemed to be using the Independent political affiliation for election purposes because she is indistinguishable from Donald Trump.

The mayor gave the impression that the statistics released by the CDC about the mortality and contagion of COVID-19 was still indeterminate. Katy Tur was stern in pushing back to ensure the audience did not get the impression that these were up for debate.

The mayor subsequently used past epidemics as justification to get people back to work. She claimed that Ebola, N1H1, and other contagions did not have severe adverse effects on Las Vegas and that they could get through it.

After trying many different avenues of justification for her ill-conceived desire to get people back to work prematurely, her true beliefs came out.

“Let the businesses open,” the Las Vegas Mayor said. “And competition will destroy that business if in fact they [sic] are become evident that they have disease, they're closed down. That simple.”

It is clear, the comment took Katy Tur by surprise. Her response to close the segment could not be more troubling.

“That is a modern-day survival of the fittest that you are laying out,” responded Katy Tur.

It is essential that we get a new crop of progressive politicians elected. It is the only way we going to get policies that improve people's lives.

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