MSNBC Host Joy-Ann Reid explodes: He used those people as props

Joy-Ann Reid was visibly upset after the naturalization ceremony held in the White House during the Republican National Convention. Her statement said it all.

Joy-Ann Reid gets real

Watch the full episode here.

President Trump used the White House, the People's House for personal political purposes. I am sure to most, it seemed like a huge facade designed to cover his incompetence and dereliction of duty.

Joy-Ann Reid said it is offensive and wrong for the president and his minions to have used the White House politically. She said even worse was the naturalization ceremony. She said it stuck out to her. Why?

Reid pointed out that her mother did that ceremony as she was a naturalized citizen from Guyana. The ceremony has a lot of meaning to the naturalized citizen. But instead Donald Trump, she said, made the ceremony about him.

Reid went on to say that Donald Trump is denying naturalization to many applicants. Yet, the president has no problem giving these applicants citizenship in order to use them as props.

Worse, Reid said, the president used people from countries he has referred to as shithole countries, people of many colors, for political gain. Her disgust was palpable and justified.

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