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MSNBC Host Hallie Jackson's maternity leave statement upon her return, poignant

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One could not help being moved by the sheer empathy displayed by MSNBC Host Hallie Jackson, who used her return from maternity leave to make an important point.

Hallie Jackson shows uncharacteristic empathy

Watch the full episode here.

I was so impressed with Hallie Jackson's statement because she did not have to personalize what she said as a journalist. But it carried more weight because we know now that her reporting will have deeper context.

“I want you to meet this little girl,” Hallie said. ” She's the reason I've been out for a bit.”

Hallie Jackson then introduced her baby daughter. She then gave her daughter to her husband. She followed up with a profound statement that started with the family giving birth to her child.

“Frank and Roe and I were walking into the apocalypse scene in a virus disaster movie,” Hallie said. “Remember that day Tom Hanks announced he had CPVOD? The NBA suspended its season. The president delivered a primetime pandemic address and you know what happened two days after that on March 13th? Police officers killed Breonna Taylor. An injustice that is now part of a national reckoning over race demanding that people like me confront their privilege and for a new mom here's one. I'm alive and so is my kid and if the color of my skin were different I'd be twice as likely to have died giving birth. That is an outrageous public health disparity and so are the disparities we're seeing with the coronavirus. All of which is to say, that week in March changed my world, sure. But it changed everybodys. And the question has been and is now, how we handle it. How we hold ourselves accountable. How we do the work. And especially how we hold our leaders accountable, our lawmakers, our president.

And then she asserts that she will do her part as a journalist.

“That is why I am glad to be back with you at work,” Hallie said. “With plenty of it ahead. Thank you for being here with me.”

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