A Dr. at the Emerging Pathogen Institute at the University of Florida revealed an inconvenient truth about our failing healthcare and health insurance system. Here's the truth.

Frustrated about the inefficiency of private healthcare

We are being held hostage by a system that rewards capital first. In other words, we cannot operate, we cannot heal people, we cannot do what is necessary to serve humanity until the few titans of finance determine how they will be paid.

This coronavirus pandemic should put much into perspective. It shows that when you make healthcare a function of profit like any other product, people are treated just like a product. And just like many corporations would rather dump food and other products than put them on the market to maximize their profits, so they do with your healthcare.

If this current COVID-19 pandemic isn't an eye-opener that encourages us to demand a different kind of economy, I do not know what will. Medicare for All is just a start. We must demand a strong social safety net so that as the occurrences of more pandemics, which with climate change is sure to occur, our social infrastructure lends itself to a population that does its part because we behave as a society instead of yielding to a position of antiseptic slavery to the corporations that continue pilfering us all.

The positions of Andrew Yang and Bernie Sanders should not look all that extreme for the millions that are sitting at home wondering how they will feed their kids and themselves. The expected decline in the economy specifically because we have concentrated wealth in the hands of the few will become more and more apparent as this pandemic grows. It is time for us to take it into our hands especially during these elections and make sure that only politicians who support progressive policies that serve the masses are elected.

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