Host Nicolle Wallace did not pull any punches as she made a reality Trump does not want to accept very clear. The violence in America is on his watch.

MSNBC Host Nicolle Wallace hits the nail on the head.

Watch the full episode here.

I had to do a double-take when I heard the following from MSNBC Host Nicolle Wallace.

“I'd like to make this programming note to all of our viewers,” Nicolle Wallace said. “And anyone that turns on Donald Trump and hears him talk about Joe Biden ushering in violence. Donald Trump ushered in the violence. Donald Trump is in charge right now of everything that happens on the streets. And even in last night's address from vice president Pence, when he shared his condolences for a homeland security official, that homeland security official was murdered by a bugaboo boy or whatever they call the white supremacist”

Wallace then points out that the sports boycotts made it easier to report the reality.

“So this alternate reality,” the host said. This fraud that's being perpetrated on the American people it seems that another benefit, another gift from these boycotts is that we punctured through the lies in a more effective way than even the news coverage.”

The fourth estate, maybe still getting some steam, but Nicolle Wallace recently has been way ahead of the lowly curve. Let's hope it continues.

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