MSNBC Hallie Jackson destroys Trump enabling Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) for election charade.

MSNBC Hallie Jackson did not allow Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) to get away with seeding misinformation about the Joe Biden win.

Hallie Jackson destroys enabling senator's rhetoric

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Early on, it was clear that Hallie Jackson would not take any spin from Senator Kevin Cramer, a Trump enabling sycophant. She listened to his every word to ensure he was not coding his messages to subvert the truth.

Well, she caught him early on. When he claimed that “one of the two men will get sworn in,” she made him elaborate on his statement. He had to temper his response to make it clear that a Biden presidency is almost an inevitability.

After scorching the president for lying about the election, among other things, she asked Cramer if he did not feel he had a responsibility to be truthful. Cramer went into the spin about not having seen all the evidence. Of course, that is because there is none.

Cramer accused the media and Democrats for attacking the President with false accusation. Hallie Jackson would have none of it. She continued to press the senator about acknowledging Joe Biden as the President-Elect.

As the interview deteriorated, Jackson made it clear that it was not the media that presented a problem to Trump. After all, he is losing virtually all his cases in the courts. And it should be noted that he appointed some of the judges that ruled against him.

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