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MSNBC Coverage of “Celebrating Aretha Franklin.”

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I have the TV on in the background, and I have been listening to MSNBC’s coverage of “Celebrating Aretha Franklin” in Detroit.  I always enjoyed listening to Aretha’s music when I was growing up.  I think my favorite song of her’s is “Until You Come Back to Me.”

And I am finding out a lot about Aretha Franklin that I did not know.  

  • Her support of social activism.  Whenever Martin Luther King or other civil rights groups needed money, she was there to help.
  • Her kindness and support of those in Detroit.  They are reporting that Franklin would pay for the funerals of those who were in need, but she did it anonymously.
  • Her sense of humor.  Thinking about the story that Rev. Al Sharpton told about framing the first check she wrote to him, and Sharpton told her that he framed it.  She asked him, “Don’t you have a copier machine?  I need you to cash that check because I need to balance my check book.”
  • And she had a number of long term relationships that she maintained over many, many years.

It is sad to realize how much we lose when a good person passes.

And no offense to the artists covering her songs, but they do not compare.  But thanks for trying.

Not to drag politics into this, but Rev. Sharpton did that at this event.  Therefore, I think I can add that the news coverage of a good woman, especially a woman who is black,  is going to drive several “deplorables” crazy.  In fact, I imagine that a certain deplorable will be Tweeting to try and get the focus back on him.

It is bad enough for the Tweeting deplorable that he has to deal with the passing of Senator John McCain being treated with presidential reverence, but now the Queen of Soul is stealing the show.  Oh the indignity of it all!

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