Received this e-mail today from Mike Espy’s (D. MS) U.S. Senate campaign:

What happened in Wisconsin this week was a disgrace to our democracy. In case you missed it, voters were forced to vote in person on Tuesday after the governor’s executive order to reschedule the primary election was overturned by the state Supreme Court at the very last minute.

As a result, Wisconsin voters had to put their health at risk by waiting in long lines for hours, especially in Milwaukee where their normal 180 polling places were reduced to just five.

We are no strangers to the attacks on our right to vote. Voter suppression is alive and well in Mississippi — including overzealous signature matching, residency challenges, and excuse-only absentee voting that requires a notary. Many 2018 run-off ballots were mailed late and over a holiday, giving voters limited time to return them and even disenfranchising some voters.

The right to vote is always under attack, but especially more so now during the COVID-19 pandemic. We cannot let those in power use this pandemic as an excuse to make voting in November even harder.

No voter should have to risk their health and safety to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

That’s why Congress should pass legislation to establish universal no-excuse early voting. As long as we’re experiencing this public health crisis, it’s our leaders’ responsibility to make it as safe and easy as possible for the American people to vote.

If you agree, add your name in support of no-excuse early voting for every voter today.

Together, it’s up to us to defend our democracy during this unprecedented time.



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