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MS-Gov: Mike Espy (D) Returns To Help Jim Hood (D) Become Governor Of Mississippi

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Received this e-mail from former Congressman, Secretary of Agriculture and U.S. Senate candidate, Mike Espy (D. MS), in support of Attorney General Jim Hood’s (D. MS) campaign

This November, Mississippians have the opportunity to elect a governor who will truly represent their best interests, not out-of-state corporations or special interests, in what could be our state’s first competitive gubernatorial election since 2003.

There’s only one person in this race who I know will do that, and it’s Attorney General Jim Hood.

We have a real shot at taking the governor’s mansion with Jim as the nominee: after first winning statewide office in 2003, he’s gone on to win reelection three times since, always winning with a double-digit lead.

Not only can Jim win, but he can make real progress for the people of Mississippi: he’s dedicated to expanding affordable healthcare, improving public education, and growing our economy by creating good-paying jobs and supporting small businesses and farmers.

Jim is a proven leader who will put Mississippi’s working families first, and that’s why I’m proud to support his campaign for governor.

Join me in supporting Jim: make a contribution of $5 or whatever you can afford to help give him the resources it’ll take to win this critical race in November.

Don’t get me wrong: this is going to be a tight race, especially with the opposition’s attack ads trying to mischaracterize Jim and his record. But with enough grassroots people-power to mobilize voters across the state, political media outlets like DailyKosare saying “Hood may be able to pull off an upset in November.”

I know Jim has what it takes to win and represent all Mississippians: it’s just a matter of giving him the resources to get out the vote and defeat the corporate-backed political machine trying to maintain their grip on power.

Will you support Jim and me today by pitching in a grassroots contribution of $5 or more?

Your contribution, your voice, and your vote can truly make the difference and help us move Mississippi forward.



Click here to donate to Hood’s campaign.

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