MRC NewsBusters: Exposing and Combating the Liberal Media Bias. Folks, You Should Read This.

This is the first time I came across this website called NewsBusters, and I stumbled upon it because I was looking for the latest transcripts of Chuck “Bothsiderist” Todd’s MTP show.  I had the misfortune  to watch most of the MSNBC’s coverage of today’s Republican Show Trial of Peter Strzok, and I let the coverage go into Todd’s show.  I know.  I know.  I try to avoid Todd nowadays.  But my masochism got the best of me, and I wanted to see what Mr. Bothsederist would say about the Show Trial.

To be honest, I was a little stunned.  Todd’s “analysis” went beyond being flummoxed to actually drawing proper inferences of how awful this Show Trial was for Republicans and Trump.  Not only did Todd see that Republicans made fools of themselves, but Todd pointed out the obvious that Trump may be doing Russia’s bidding.  In other words, Todd may be at the concrete stage of cognitive development that 7-11 years undergo.  

I wanted to post some of Todd’s material for everyone here to kind of gawk at like, “Wow!  Do you think that Todd will disprove Jean Piaget theory by actually regressing to the pre-operational stage of cognitive develpment?  He is a Bothsiderist, and this has to be a fluke!”   And I wanted others on Daily Kos to see that I wasn’t over medicating myself.  

Well, I didn’t need to hear from you all that I wasn’t completely crazy.  Appears NewsBusters — EXPOSING AND COMBATING THE LIBERAL MEDIA BIAS — saw the same damn thing with Todd.  And they didn’t like it one little bit!

Chuck Todd Suggests Trump and GOP Are Out to Empower Vladimir Putin

That was the headline on their review of what Chuck Todd said on MTP.

Immediately following a dinnertime break in the marathon grilling of anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok in a joint House committee hearing on Thursday, MSNBC host Chuck Todd kicked off MTP Daily by siding with the former FBI agent and argued that President Trump and the GOP were empowering Russian President Vladimir Putin. And it was more than just baseless speculation, he insinuated it was their intent.

Yeah, that’s what I thought he was talking about too.  Although, I emboldened the last sentence to piont out NewsBusters spin.  You see later that Todd does lay out some of those “How Trump loves Putin” and “Trump is trashing NATO” to make his points.  It’s like Todd is actually doing some journalism for once, and this rightwing media NewsBusters was having none of it!

There are other attacks by this writer on Todd, but I love this one:

The President and his allies have seized on those texts for months as smoking gun proof of bias and corruption inside the FBI,” he continued to whine.

Well, they have seized on those text messages as proof that this is the “deep state” after Trump.  I don’t think you can call that whining.  But let’s remember how conservatives play at projection.

Anyway, I found it rather — refreshing? — to see that some self-described warrior against the liberal media bias having a fit that a Bothsiderist wasn’t loving the Show Trial.  

Now, why write all this you ask?  As one of the analysts on MSNBC pointed out today — sorry, I can’t remember who, or maybe it was one of the Democratic Congresspeople?, FOX propaganda bangs the drums for their latest fake news blitz.  Eventually, for some mysterious reason, the mainstream media picks up on whatever ginned up controversy FOX creates.  And it will inevitably be covered by CNN and MSNBC and the regular networks.  It’s mission accomplished banner time if the other media outlets spend time on fake news.

It seems — just seems — from my anecdotal data that MSNBC is not biting this time, or if they did, they are spitting out the parts of this shitsandwich with noticeable “YUCKS!”  Even that wargasming fool Brian Williams didn’t seem impressed by the Show Trial, and even he stuck with “What the HELL is Trump doing to NATO?” story.  It was all, “Trump is sticking the knife into Teresa May and create chaos in NATO.”  And it appears that Williams gets that only Putin comes out smelling like a rose after the Show Trial.

Except for replaying heavily edited videotape of the Show Trial on FOX, it doesn’t look like the war drums from FOX got properly translated into mainstream mush.

Now, I am betting that many others on Daily Kos know about NewsBusters.  I would enjoy reading any comments you make about that website.