MoveOn members began 2019 with new hope for our future as a new Congress was sworn in—the most diverse House of Representatives in history, with many progressive champions MoveOn members played pivotal roles in electing. And we ended the year with the impeachment of Donald Trump—a critical achievement to help check his administration’s rampant abuses of power, even as his lawlessness and attacks on so many communities continue.

We’ll remember 2019 as a year that funneled energy of the resistance into building a stronger MoveOn and progressive movement, fighting Trump and the right-wing GOP agenda in Washington and across the country, and laying the groundwork to win in 2020.

And throughout this impactful year against this tumultuous political landscape, MoveOn members continued to have impact as our organizations grew and changed. With gratitude we said farewell to our co-executive directors, Anna Galland and Ilya Sheyman, and welcomed new leadership: Rahna Epting, our new executive director, who deep experience in organizing, good government advocacy and labor.

We enlarged our SMS program to reach more members in ways that lead to immediate impact. We expanded our base of small donors to build the foundation for our critical work in 2020. Our text messaging blast list crossed 1 million members, and 260,000-plus people contributed to MoveOn this year

And millions of us, all over the country, kept finding new ways to engage, listen to, learn from, and build power with each other. We took action in support of a bold progressive vision, and against the Trump-GOP divisive and destructive agenda.

This post references work MoveOn members accomplished through two separate organizations: we had social advocacy impact organizing with MoveOn Civic Action, and electoral impact mobilizing with MoveOn Political Action.

Here is some of what we did together this year:

MoveOn’s 2019 Year in Review

JANUARY: Celebrating the swearing-in of a new Congress

In January, we celebrated the swearing-in of new members of Congress we helped elect. MoveOn members spent much of 2018 working to elect more than 200 federal, state, and local candidates across the country, and saw much of that work come to fruition in January of 2019 as a new Congress was sworn in and Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, providing an important check and balance on the Trump administration. The new House hasn’t been perfect, but it has passed important legislation supported by MoveOn members and has exercised its oversight responsibility over the administration.

We were proud to celebrate the swearing in of the most diverse and progressive House ever, including emerging leaders such as Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib. And proud to stand with Democrats as they refused to bow to Trump’s demands when he shut down the government trying to secure funding for his racist border wall.

FEBRUARY: Mobilizing against Trump’s fake national emergency

When the Trump administration unlawfully declared a “national emergency” in order to try to reroute taxpayer funds that Congress had allocated for other purposes to border wall construction, we responded. We launched a major national mobilization opposing the #TrumpFakeEmergency and more than 50,000 of us marched for immigrants and refugees.