It is a time for the “most grievous constitutional crime ever”: House impeachment managers slam Trump in final pre-trial brief. He knows he’ll have the votes to defeat a conviction and will proclaim a “victory”, such that Branch Donaldians will see a sign for some martyred siege somewhere.

Meanwhile his defense is that he cannot be charged because he is no longer POTUS* and that he has first amendment rights that somehow negate his actions supporting an actual insurrection.

Liz Cheney: Trump’s attack on Pence during Capitol riot could’ve been a ‘premeditated effort to provoke violence’

The US Senate is to debate the impeachment of Donald Trump this week for a second time, deciding whether to prosecute the former president on charges of “incitement of insurrection” after his supporters fatally stormed the Capitol building.
In a trial beginning on Tuesday, senators will hear evidence – some new and some all-too-familiar – of how and why the now-infamous events on 6 January unfolded before deciding whether to convict Trump.
House of Representatives prosecutors have argued that the 45th president – with his baseless accusations of voter fraud – is “singularly responsible” for the violent insurrection, by “creating a powder keg, striking a match, and then seeking personal advantage from the ensuing havoc”.
But Trump’s lawyers appear set to strenuously deny all accusations against him, with iterations of the word “denies” littering the 14-page rebuttal published last week, which outlines how the former president will argue the accusations against him.…

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